carpet cleaning
Carpets -
A new carpet presents a substantial investment for any household or business and cleaning it regularly can extend its life by years making it more cost effective as well as keeping it clean & healthy.
Regular vacuuming is the easiest way to remove loose dirt and dust but inevitably soil will cling to the carpet fibres leaving your carpet dull and lifeless taking away the natural appearance.
Our cleaning method using up to date high powered extraction machines will remove unwanted soil, bacteria and pollens, breathing new life into carpet fibres, revitalising the colour and providing a healthy clean environment.

Upholstery -
Harshly treated in many homes, upholstery suffers the daily ordeal of natural body oils, food and drink accidents, pets and clambering children.
If your sofa is looking old & tired then a professional clean will brighten and restore the natural colours in the fabric fibres, whilst removing nasty odours and the majority of stains. 

Before we attempt to clean any upholstery materials we carry out a thorough test for colour fastness, possible shrinkage & fabric distortion caused by moisture or heat.

Upholstery Lounge
Rugs -
A good quality rug can vastly improve or change the appearance of a room but keeping them clean can prove difficult due to the denseness.

High priced quality rugs are usually made up of delicate materials and fibres and DIY cleaning can lead to colour bleeding & distortion of the fibres.
We take great care in our cleaning system for rugs, only using neutral p.h. wool safe products to eliminate the risk of any damage. We also clean your rugs in-situ for minimal disturbance and inconvenience. 

In-situ curtain cleaning -
We pre-test your fabrics to determine the most effective cleaning products for your curtains, then thoroughly clean both the front and linings of your curtains including pelmets, swags and tails.
We’re able to clean curtains without taking them down
We can clean curtains of practically any size, including commercial curtain cleaning in offices, hotels, theatres and all other commercial premises
We can clean thermally lined curtains
We’re even able to flame-proof your curtains to British standards, just in case!

Pre or post tenancy carpet & curtain cleaning -
We offer a pre or post tenancy carpet and in-situ curtain cleanin service, to help you as you move home.

Stain treatment -
The majority of the spots and stains are normally removed during our cleaning process. However you may require stain treatment to a specific accidental spillage, we deal with coffee, red wine, tar, urine, and more everyday and although we make no gaurantees we are confident that we can remove 95% of untreated spillages.
We carry stain removal solutions for virtually every possibility and have the expertise, knowledge & product to suit.
If you do have a spillage follow our stain treatment guide, click here.

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Leather upholstery -
We can also clean and protect leather upholstery to a professional and high standard using commercial grade products.

Commerical cleaning -
Regular professional cleaning will prolong the life of your carpets and upholstery, saving you money in the long run. Aside from the usual spills, accidents and soiling caused by day-to-day wear, large premises such as offices and hotels benefit from regular cleaning to keep carpets fresh and provide a healthy, clean environment for staff and customers, and maintain your image.

Our commercial range of services

  • Commercial carpet cleaning
  • Industrial carpet cleaning
  • Office carpet cleaning
  • Commercial upholstery cleaning
  • Commercial in-situ curtain cleaning
  • Commercial rug cleaning
  • Leather cleaning
  • Protection of your long term investments
  • Professional stain removal services
  • Commercial carpet and upholstery protection
  • Bespoke carpet and upholstery maintenance programs

Commercial treatments
  • Anti-static application
  • Flea treatment
  • Fire retardant application

Our guarantees

  • We use 100% safe and effective Chemspec approved products
  • We wear uniform and ID at all times
  • Furniture is always moved with special care and attention
  • Immediate drying is available using our turbo dryers
  • We’re fully insured against accidental damage
  • We have Health & Safety, Public Liability & COSSH information available