Stain Removal Guide

Donít panic and start rubbing the stain.....but do act immediately following these steps

1. Soak up spillage with absorbent tissue or cloth
2. Remove any solids with a blunt knife
3. Add a little cold water (Not Hot) to stained area and sponge off.
4. Blot again with absorbent tissue or cloth until removed.

Never over wet stains - this causes it to spread
Never rub or scrub the area - this damages the fibres
Never allow stain to dry out - cover with a damp cloth

For stubborn, serious stains or more advice, call us now!
If you suffer an accidental spillage and a resulting stain the 1st thing most people do is rub with a wet cloth, well don't, doing so can damage the fibres of the carpet and may cause the stain to become permanent. Simply follow our simple guide and if you are unable to remove it give us a call.

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